Sporting Those Obnoxious Antlers on the Front of his Truck Post

Crisp air.   Surreal moments.   #idol trending for the next several weeks so I took the chance to rate a few songs as they played on @iheart as I gave one of our dogs a walk this early spring evening. 
Not many people were outside.   Lights were on at the front of homes.   The obvious change from cool crisp outside air to warm indoor climate controlled quarters peaked my attention.   Do I really live here?  The atmosphere seems so familiar yet  not.  

An impromptu date  night  still  underway I gave jac jac  a chance to relieve herself unsuccessfully.   I swear this dog doesn't use the bathroom or do anything on cue.   Gypsy is laying down,   Gio is on the couch. He spoiled rotten I give him milk almost every morning and he still wakes me up and whines,  unsatisfied until I speak in his general direction to acknowledge and his Cesarly presence,  clearly outnumbered by larger mammals.  

I was binge watching Rescue Me the last several nights, mesmerized by #NYClife and found myself slightly discontent.   How come I'm not drinking wine, having company & adult promiscuous relationships,  etc?   Well, not everyone can handle the personalities,  my Polish - Native  American- household,  nothing is really sexy about hockey and mean women,  and promiscuity doesn't pair well with the institution of marriage. 



'Nicole, the dog pissed everywhere.'  that's what Im dealing with first thing this morning.  I think its sabotage. The last thing I want to do this morning is immediately rescue the dog from her urine soaked coat.  Its time to make final plans for this one.  Not very good at dealing with this.  Its like dealing with swamp thing giving her a bath.  She's an incredible shedding machine.  The kind of shedding that doesn't completely release itself from the rest of her coat.  Not sure either what smells worse, the urine or fowl dog farts.  Just a hot mess.  She should have a show.  Just a skit or regular appearance on a familiar program.

Casual dining experience at home one evening.  Who steals the show?  Two aggressive dogs.  Apparently something had fallen from the table and one noticed, maneuvered to retrieve the morsel at the same time as the other.  Ferocious growling and barking commenced.  Just moments earlier I was delighted to have been greeted by them after a long day and rewarded them with a milk bone biscuit.  

During this holiday season several years ago we adopted a handsome 8 month old large breed puppy.  Bringing him home was a delight.  I had become a dog person.  He was high energy with a healthy appetite for attention.  Never aggressive toward humans, just one of those in your face constantly sort of dogs.  We had trouble letting him off his leash in dog parks because suddenly the sound of our voice didn't register with him outdoors.  It was full on sprint in the opposite direction of where we were calling him from.  About 4 or 5 years later we brought home a 12 or 16 week old puppy.  She was my charity case.  I never intended on keeping her.  She was going to be someone's perfect pet.  I dressed her up, signed her up for obedience classes early, exposed her to social settings where dogs usually aren't welcome.  She's just the right size as well- not as tall as our large breed puppy and only about 40 lbs, perfect tag along.  Never found a home for her.  That's why she's still with us.  I couldn't imagine her anywhere else.


Sharing the Tail

0820-0845 Was spent getting ready for a short morning walk around the neighborhood.  I put on a pot of coffee.  Realized my mobile phone wouldn't be useful this morning since it had been left uncharged last night was disappointing. I jotted down the start time on a tablet, not to be impeded by this.
0845-0920 The journey from our front door, through 2 shared neighborhood parks each with a playground and basketball court went well.  As we walked, I noticed small ammounts of paper and plastic litter.  How nice it was to have anticipated this and have on board a trash grabber stick and waste paper bags.  Maybe two or three other joggers were out with their dogs and noticed us picking up litter and appreciated the gesture.
0940-1000 Walking is a priority however moving at snail speed is making the whole process almost unatainable.  They're sitting patiently on the couch.  I've found the shirts they'll be wearing this morning but havent decided exactly how long or how far to go walking with them.  Time constraint has me wanting not to wait until the last minute to get them coralled as well as myself close to ready for the day.
2145-2210 Fell asleep way too early this evening, almost immediately after the 6 pm news.  With all good intentions of going on our evening walk I decided before indulgent snooze to wake up and take the dogs for a walk.  The streets were quiet.  I changed the way these walks are logged in Runtastic to aerobics since the stop and go nature of walking with them and bending could count that way even though we're not completely stationary during the whole time.  About 10 minutes or so towards the finish of our outdoor walking portion I realized no music had been playing.  I fumbled with the phone and found something to listen to as well as the flashlight.  While I was napping before the walk they had been fed and let outside so all that's left is giving them good job treats.
This morning the dogs and I went for our morning walk.  As if I were going to the gym we got in car and after grabbing a delicious breakfast sandwich from Burger King we parked between the gymnasium and outdoor running track.  Just minutes later we found a nice place to sit and share breakfast.  Since pets aren't allowed on the turf field we stayed near the bleachers.  Check out the picture I took of them here.
Amazing animal athletes video collage:

Sometime after 1300 I realized the gang hadn't eaten yet, since last night.  Gypsy inhaled his food as did the others.  As quickly as he had eaten his food the dreaded heaving sound began to emerge.  Frantically I attempted to rush him towards the back door but I was too late.  He projectile vomited all the way to the door, waited a moment then vomited some more.  The entire amount of food he had eaten was in a disgusting mound on the carpet.  I shooed him away and was able to bag then scrub the mess away.  Pet carpet shampoo and natures miracle never run out at this house.  Gio let me know his streets were getting dirty and needed to be cleaned. (AKA his litter box) 
Around 1900, drowsy from the thunderstorm, I was able to overcome the hurdle.  Kept momentum for a nice 8 mile bicycle ride accompanied by Jackie.  Layered in her yellow and orange t shirts snuggled into the basket mounted to the cargo rack on the rear of my bicycle then secured with a flight suit bag we rode from the front door of our residence through the Shiloh gate to the main gate back around to the metro transit gate.  The rain and lightening started to pick up so I was pedaling my butt off even with the extra load.  Just behind one of the several night logistics railroad trains we were exiting the base on our way back to the house.  Right now we're waiting on warm towels to dry off with.  Tonight was definitely a girls night out.