Sporting Those Obnoxious Antlers on the Front of his Truck Post

Crisp air.   Surreal moments.   #idol trending for the next several weeks so I took the chance to rate a few songs as they played on @iheart as I gave one of our dogs a walk this early spring evening. 
Not many people were outside.   Lights were on at the front of homes.   The obvious change from cool crisp outside air to warm indoor climate controlled quarters peaked my attention.   Do I really live here?  The atmosphere seems so familiar yet  not.  

An impromptu date  night  still  underway I gave jac jac  a chance to relieve herself unsuccessfully.   I swear this dog doesn't use the bathroom or do anything on cue.   Gypsy is laying down,   Gio is on the couch. He spoiled rotten I give him milk almost every morning and he still wakes me up and whines,  unsatisfied until I speak in his general direction to acknowledge and his Cesarly presence,  clearly outnumbered by larger mammals.  

I was binge watching Rescue Me the last several nights, mesmerized by #NYClife and found myself slightly discontent.   How come I'm not drinking wine, having company & adult promiscuous relationships,  etc?   Well, not everyone can handle the personalities,  my Polish - Native  American- household,  nothing is really sexy about hockey and mean women,  and promiscuity doesn't pair well with the institution of marriage.